What we pandas do Why?Do other printers do that?
Study your project.
If we spot something, we advise on the design and finish that will look best in print.
Things look different on paper, compared to your computer screen. We don’t want you to end up with something that’s not right.Not usually.
Many companies will print your order without a second glance. Then happily deliver to brief but not meeting expectations.
Barcode every print job.
This means we can tell you the status of your project anywhere in the building.
We think it’s just good communication, for a start. It also cuts down errors, which cuts down our overheads… which cuts down the cost to you.Rarely.
This is top of the range equipment and not all printers are as keen to invest in the future as us.
Give free printed hard-copy proofs.
To review, alter and keep.
There are no surprises here, you need to know what to expect.Most don’t.
You normally have to pay for things like that.
Scatter testing.
We’ll give you a machine-printed proof on a range of different types of papers for your project.
It removes the guesswork and shows you options you may not have considered before.Very rarely.
Many companies charge for this service, others simply wouldn’t do it.
Storage and call-off.
We’ll store large quantities of print on your behalf. And deliver from store within 48hrs.
It allows you to take advantage of economies of scale. Print is kept safe and in mint condition.Maybe.
If they have the capacity. Just be sure to check how quickly and reliably they deliver.
Get the same results, for less money.
We’re creative and resourceful. We find ways to print your ideas, within budget.
If we know something will look the same, work and be a more cost-effective option, we think you should know. It’s just good business.Probably not!
Be alert. Up-selling is rife and many printers are happy to let you spend as much as possible.
Recreate artwork from printed sample.
Even if you don’t have the digital files, logos and other images, a printed copy is enough.
Files get lost. It can also be awkward or hard to get original files from your current printer – we don’t need them though.Sometimes.
Double check that your new print company has the same design ability as the last.