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Could waterproof paper be the end of your woes?

Think about the last time you reprinted documents simply because the material became dog-eared or grubby.

Waterproof material is flexible and cleanable thus eliminating these two issues from the outset enabling you to guard against greasy fingers, liquid spillages and tattered grimy edges with a simple sheet of paper.

Waterproof paper (and card) is nothing new to the printing industry but innovation has improved durability and now offers even more choice in weight, material finish and price point making it an affordable and versatile option for every business.


The benefits of waterproof paper

Waterproof paper is produced with compact fibres that are so close-knit they resist the permeation of water making it:

  • Tear-resistant
  • Impervious to grease
  • Able to withstand certain chemicals
  • Unaffected by high and low temperature variations

It’s quite ingenious really and an excellent choice for leisure, hospitably, clinical, construction and surveying industries, plus businesses that operate outdoors and within extreme temperature environments.

Learn more about how we helped the Lewis Partnership to overcome the need to reprint their sample menus every few weeks [add link].


Take the Panda Challenge

Innovation in print can sometimes carry a ‘too good to be true’ label so we’re out to set the record straight with our Panda Challenge.

All you need to do is request a sample swatch by clicking here. This brand new material pack includes waterproof paper and we’d like to invite you to test its endurance. Without using scissors or sharp instruments we dare you to:

  • Tear it
  • Submerge it in water
  • Smear it with mayonnaise

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